Tools of the Trade

Get Cash for Houses: Online Tools to Help You Sell

Learn about helpful tips to sell your house faster.

After months of mulling it over, you are finally ready to sell your home. However, you are unfamiliar with the selling process, and you don’t know where to start. And unfortunately, it’s not as easy as going online and searching for signs with “we pay cash for houses” at the forefront.

Don’t fret. As the real estate market has improved, so has another aspect of it: the digital and technology tools to help you successfully sell your home.

When you want cash for houses, there are online tools that can help you sell.

We have listed our favorite digital home selling tools. We also added tips on how to utilize these tools. We hope that the information you will find in this article will help you navigate the process easier and more effectively.

Virtual Home Staging

Selling your home is all about presentation. A lot of sellers will employ a professional home stager to get their property ready to display in the real estate market. Home staging is the process of making a home attractive to potential buyers to aid in the selling operation. However, hiring a home stager could get somewhat pricey.

Enter virtual home staging. Virtual home staging involves taking clear, high-quality photos of each room in your house and posting them online to show buyers who are interested. There are many virtual home staging companies you can check; each picture may cost you up to $50, and if you do at least 20 photos, the price could still be up there; however, it will still be a fraction of a cost compared to what professional home stagers bill for their services.

Additionally, there are virtual home staging apps that you can utilize wherein you take the photos and upload them to your app of choice. It may take a few days for the pictures to be ready. Some companies will edit and alter the photos to make them as clear, high-quality, and realistic as possible. Others will just run it through their software, and you can do basic editing to the photos yourself.

From what we gathered, using virtual staging apps instead of companies will only cost you up to $15 per picture. Additional editing such as adding furniture and other design options will charge extra. Also, “erasing” any furniture or other design elements already present in the image may cost more. If you take a picture of a room previously vacant, then you can pay less.

3D Video Tours

As we previously mentioned, real estate relies heavily on the visuals. According to the National Association of Realtors, a whopping 73% of sellers would work with a real estate agent who uses video to market their property.

Apart from an actual in-person walk-through of a property, a video tour is the next best thing for buyers. This advertising and marketing feature can also cast a wider net as it can attract potential buyers who live far away from the property you are selling or even tech-savvy individuals who are all about an immersive online experience.

Video tours can give you a virtual feel of moving throughout the home and is far more descriptive and captivating than still images. Buyers can see how the rooms connect and how the spaces flow.

And who knows, if you can produce a creative, good-quality video tour of your home, buyers will be more eager to pay cash for houses and properties you are selling. You can contract a professional videographer to film the tour.

Social Media

Attract potential buyers who pay cash for houses via social media.

Social media it’s not just about keeping up with your high school pals or office friends. With the accessibility and connectivity of social media, it has also become a handy real estate selling tool.

Everyone’s on it; thus it only makes sense to utilize it to reach potential buyers. Facebook, for instance, has local real estate buy and sell pages that you can use to post your properties for sale. Aside from the networking features, Facebook has also since developed their advertising options to help sellers better.

DIY Staging Resources

It’s always good to hire professionals to help you prepare your house in the marketplace. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little DIY to save on costs. Houzz, which is a popular site that offers anything that has to do with home improvement and design is a handy resource.

The pictures and articles on their website can give you a lot of inspiration when it comes to how you want to present your property. In our opinion, Houzz is the top resource to get DIY design ideas to help you sell your property.

Happy Selling!

You may not easily and immediately find someone who is willing to pay cash for houses and properties you are selling. However, by utilizing the tech tools we’ve mentioned above, we’re sure you can confidently wade through the real estate market. Good luck and happy selling!