Secure that Sale

Is Your Property Ready for Viewing?

When it comes to the real estate market, can’t just put up a “buy my house” sign to get prospective buyers interested in your property. If you have decided to sell your house, you have to put its best face forward. If your home has been on the market for quite a while but is not gaining any amount of interest, then naturally, you might be wondering why. While you are carefully contemplating if it’s about the property’s accessibility, amenities, or any other factors, it may also have to do with how you present your property for viewings.

Whether it’s for marketing pictures or physical walkthroughs for prospective buyers, getting your property ready for viewing is an essential matter in the home selling process.

Make sure your property is ready for viewing to attract potential buyers

Here are some helpful tips on how you to get your property beautifully fit and ready for viewing.

Neat and Tidy

Check every room and make sure to remove all unnecessary clutter or anything else that may be considered an eyesore. A messy look does not contribute to the “buy my house” message you want to send out to prospective buyers. Get a lovely basket, bin, or crate where you can store bits and pieces that don’t belong in some rooms. These items may include shoes, cutlery, clothes, books, stationery, toys, etc. You also need to make sure to wipe down any surfaces, furniture, and fixtures and mop all floors, so they are dirt and dust free. Keeping the house neat and tidy will make the rooms more attractive. This will also let potential buyers or renters picture themselves living in the house.

Welcoming Scent

A home should entice the senses. Aside from the sense of sight and feel, it should also engage the sense of smell. A bad smell will undoubtedly discourage any home buyers. No matter how splendidly you present your home, if it has a funky odor, then no one would be interested in buying it. Even though we think our house doesn’t smell like anything, a visitor, or a prospective buyer, can definitely pick up on a particular scent. Whether it’s the onion that went into last night’s beef stew dinner or the litter box odor that remains no matter how frequently you change the pan, every house smells like something. Those odors may be fine by you, but they are not necessarily the scents that make, no pun intended, sense when selling your home.

As you get your house ready for viewing, think of incorporating a clean, light, and neutral home fragrance – think of the aroma of hotels and spas. You want prospective buyers to come in, take a deep breath, and feel pampered by the scent. Maintaining the cleanliness of the house can immensely help in removing any unpleasant odors. Additionally, you can also open a window in each room to let fresh air in an hour or so before your viewing. In the same vein, get candles and diffusers; they can add to the brightness, coziness, and warmth of the room and fill it with a delightful fragrance.

Sufficient Lighting

Lack of lighting can create an unsettling, unwelcoming, and dull environment. You want to tell people to “buy my house” not “go away, no one’s home.” To remedy this issue, put a floor or table lamp with LED bulbs in the necessary areas of the house. They can add to a cozy glow and beautiful aesthetic in some rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and entryway. When strategically placed, lights and lamps can also highlight the impressive features of the room in a subtle yet memorable way.

Small Details

If the door handles or locks are broken, then switch them with secure ones. If there are any holes in the walls, make sure they are filled up. If there are any dents, marks, or cracks on any surface, perhaps try repainting them. If your curtains have holes, rips, or are badly discolored, then replace them with clean ones. On the day of the viewing itself, make sure that the indoor temperatures are comfortable and ideal. Leave out fresh sets of towels and a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. Prepare some refreshments such as crackers, cookies, tea, coffee, water, etc. for potential home viewers. These small details will add a tremendous positive impact when you put your property up for sale.